Our Mission

Let’s feel the joy in the childcare.
Let’s blow the new wind to our society.
For the earth of the future where children full of smiles…… LIVE.

Our Philosophy

A child’s experiences during the preschool years influence later development and outlook toward learning.  Lemonkai  Nursery School is committed to our goal of helping each child develop a positive self-image.  We provide many opportunities for accomplishment, in offering a variety of materials, a safe and appealing environment in which to work and play, and encouragement for the child to proceed at his/her own pace.  As the child gains confidence in his/her abilities, he/she will also better the social interactions with peers and the adults in his/her life.
The CHILD-MINDERS are trained  to facilitate the child’s success in developing creativity, building a healthy self-concept, and acquiring self-direction.  We intend to promote a sense of wonder and curiosity, to fuel the child’s enthusiasm for learning about his/her world.  We offer the opportunity for individual activities and participation in small groups. We suggest daily outdoor experiences to use large muscles and develop those skills, as well as to learn about – and interact with – the outdoor environment.
A glimpse of children’s smiles leads us to a brighter  future.   considering not only what is TODAY  but the BEST for tomorrow . It is the whole earth which we are standing on right now. We consider this as society’s contribution to the world in a wider and far-reaching horizons.


Company’s name

 Social Welfare Corporation Lemonkai

Person in charge

 Chief Directer : Kotaro MAEDA



Overview of Operations

 Childcare Education

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