Let’s feel the joy in the childcare.
Let’s blow the new wind to our society.
For the earth of the future where -

children full of smiles LIVE!

Our Mission


Child raising changes the world

Nowadays, raising children and child care  become more challenging due to numerous factors such as rapid changes happening in today’s social environment and lifestyle associated with urbanization, trends towards a smaller nuclear family, increase of the two-income families, and wait-listed children for primary schools. With these changes in mind, we provide the environment to bridge the gap among the society, the local community and the parents to lessen their burdens, anxieties and isolation in child raising. It is nothing else but the realization of proper child upbringing.
In this environment, we think that we have a mission and a dream to realize for the  company’s welfare which runs numbers of authorized preschools all over the country. On the other hand,  educators are significantly important l in this endeavor; hence, we consider them as co-partners to achieve this dream altogether. 
Here is our company philosophy.
“Let’s feel the JOY in caring for CHILDREN . 
Let’s blow the new wind to our society.
For the earth of the future where children full of smiles… LIVE”
This is our company philosophy and at the same time this is the dream we must make come true. We need to gather a lot of energy and power to achieve such as a dream. We believe that we can achieve the dream through the collaboration between the nursery teachers, cooks, dieticians, nurses and all the staff. Please support us and let’s make this dream come true together!

Chief Director Kotaro MAEDA 



Our Slogan

The other side of “WHAT IS IT?”

When children play closely
There is  Curiosity
Curiosity is the open  door connecting…… children to the world
What kind of world is there on the other side of “What is it?”?
Open the door, take a step and go forward
We wish to be the ones who lead them to the other side of “What is it?”